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Daily Scan for 01.21.09 – Spidey 4 Is Imminent, Doctor Who‘s Companion Is Bionic


• According to J.K. Simmons, the start of production for Spider-man 4 is imminent, even though the other stars have yet to be cast.

• The lead for the execrable Bionic Woman might just be the next Doctor Who companion.

• Terry Pratchett tries Philip K. Dick methods to cure himself of Alzheimer’s disease. Good luck!

Lost in Space‘s Robot is dead. It’s depressing to know that his real name was Bob May only after his death.

• io9 marks Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (and the Obama inauguration) with a compendium of his references in scifi.

• Why won’t Doctor Who film in Dubai? Mostly because of strange Middle Eastern prejudice.

• Yet another new Watchmen featurette: This time, it’s all about The Minutemen.

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