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Daily Scan for 01.19.09 – Watchmen Lawsuit Settles, Khan Bares All


• There are lots of questions Lost hasn’t answered, but if the showrunners answer these ten, they’ll at least be on the path to resolution.

• Roland Emmerich will to direct (read: ruin) Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. You may start screaming now.

• Warner Bros. and Fox have finally come to a settlement on the Watchmen lawsuit. Big surprise, it’s basically just a payout to Fox.

Sixteen things you might not know about Star Trek’s Khan. That voluptuous chest? 100% real.

• Great ideas in Hollywood: Spacemen vs. Vikings.

• An intriguing logistical point on why humanity might never find it worthwhile to travel to another star.

• Friday’s Battlestar Galactica episode had one huge WTF moment, but that’s nothing new: BSG’s been chock full of them from the start.

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