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Daily Scan for 01.15.09 – Patrick McGoohan Passes Away, Marvel Might Pass on Jackson


• Patrick McGoohan, star and creator of the cult scifi series The Prisoner (which is currently available for streaming on has died at the age of 80. “Who is Number One?” “You are, Number Six.”

• Latino Review hosts some incredibly sexy Terminator Salvation concept art. This movie is just looking better and better.

• Well, never count your chickens. Film producer Michael Uslan says the Captain Marvel movie might not be dead after all.

• Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson says Marvel might not have the money to rehire him as Nick Fury.

• Forbidden Planet wants questions to ask Alan Moore about his comics, particularly Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

• Screenwriter Roberto Orci talks to SciFi Wire about Star Trek, Transformers 2 and Cowboys and Aliens.

• SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: What are the Book View Cafe’s favorite genre novels?

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