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Daily Scan for 01.14.08 – Avatar Details Emerge, Final Five Cylons Get Comical


• The Los Angeles Times visits the set of Avatar, James Cameron’s upcoming extraterrestrial adventure. This movie is steeped in secrecy, and since it’s so CGI-intensive there’s not a lot to tell from the photos. Still, there are a few juicy details here to appease the die-hards.

• Jerry Shuster, Superman’s creator, had a bit of an S&M fixation. That’s not really shocking, though, since leotards, leather and damsels in distress are staples of the fetish.

• The new Battlestar Galactica comic will heavily tease the role of the Final Five Cylons, says publisher Nick Barucci: “Part of the answer lies in the fact that these Final Five are old…They’ve been through a lot and they’re basically responsible for the state of things on both sides”

SciFi Wire interviews Andrew Stanton about his upcoming John Carter of Mars adaptation. He has confirmed that it will be live-action, which is a plus, but I’m still worried they’re going to ruin this by ditching the Confederate soldier angle.

• A Stargate Asgard flagship built from tens of thousands of LEGOs makes me glad I’m not that big of a nerd.

Torchwood star John Barrowman may carp about censorship and the BBC eschweing his beloved series, but that doesn’t prevent him from writing his own Captain Jack comic. Sheesh.

• io9 lists the coolest robots of pre-golden age science fiction. Quick warning, folks: This one is pretty exhaustive.

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