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Daily Scan for 01.12.09 – Ghostbusters Gets Busted, Alan Moore Should Watch Watchmen

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•Buddy TV has a great theory on why Boomer — the Sharon who shot Adama — might be the might be the final Cylon. Check it out, it’s better than you would think.

• SciFi Wire lists reasons Alan Moore should get over it and watch Watchmen. Anything that draws focus to his comic book porn, The Lost Girls.

• F. Paul Wilson thinks The Dark Knight stole his Joker: “Somebody somewhere along the line, in researching the character, had read Definitive Therapy.”

• The Ghostspy blog claims to have on-the-set footage of Ghostbusters 3. My guess is that this is actually a viral site for the upcoming video game.

• Fidgit lists ten games that redefine science fiction. Bioshock takes the prize — so when will we see a movie, Hollywood?

• A bit of delicious nerdgasming with io9: The greatest inventions Nikola Tesla never created.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod gives a touching video tribute to his mother, Majel Barrett.

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