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Daily Scan for 01.09.09 – Rourke Suits Up for Iron Man, Judge Dredd Presides Again


• From Randy ‘The Ram’ to the Crimson Dynamo? Variety reports that recently resurrected superstar Mickey Rourke is in talks for Iron Man 2.

• There’s a new Judge Dredd movie in production, produced by Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire‘s Danny Boyle. The concept art so far is pretty neat.

• Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto tell the Wall Street Journal their interpretations of Kirk and Spock are going to piss some fans off. Way to sell the movie, guys!

• Neil Gaiman gets honked off at io9 for publishing false rumors about him writing a Doctor Who episode.

• gives us a sneak peek at Kirk’s communicator, McCoy’s tricorder and Uhura’s communication earpiece from the new movie. Cha-ching!

• Mark Waid talks about why there are so few Supermen of color: “In the Golden Age of Science Fiction, one world always equaled one culture, maybe two if they were at war because the plot demanded it.”

• One of my favorite Invisible Man novels, Fade by Richard Kelly, has been optioned for a movie.

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