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Daily Scan for 01.06.09 – Who Looks at Lily Allen, Boldly Going Nowhere Script Leaks


• The latest scuttlebutt says Lily Allen will be companion to Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor Who. I love Lily, so I can only hope this rumor is true.

• Geeks of Doom lists 13 WTF moments from 2008’s The Day the Earth Stood Still remake. But they fail to mention the “why aliens care what we do to our planet” question, which is still my biggest boggle.

• The girls over at Pink Raygun defend the indefensible: Will Smith’s Hancock.

The pilot script for Boldly Going Nowhere contains more than a few holodeck porn jokes, which is not surprising since it comes from the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

• explains how to analyze science fiction, with some examples courtesy of Star Trek and Star Wars, natch.

• Here’s something I’ll bet you never knew about Robocop: The cyborg is crazy for Korean fried chicken.

• 20 reasons to love the ever-expanding LEGO Star Wars universe. It really is the equivalent of chocolate and peanut butter!

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