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Site of the Week – My New Plaid Pants

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The Internet is filled with dark corners for horror fans to lurk and brood in, a fact which makes irreverent sites like Jason Adams’ horror-and-everything blog, My New Plaid Pants, shine all the brighter in comparison. MNPP glorifies the best death scenes and and hottest bodies that the genre has to offer, in addition to providing updates on entertainment news with near-obsessive regularity.

The blog has changed a lot since its launch in 2005, but it’s still
all about whatever thrills its creator. “I’d like to suggest that MNPP
was birthed of hellfire and demon seed but unfortunately all it took
was boredom and too many large caffeinated beverages,” says Adams.
“Really, it was meant as a vehicle to keep me writing on a daily basis,
because I’d been a slacker in that regard. And then it ate me whole. I
try to keep it as personal as I can since that’s what blogs are for.”
With over a dozen regular features to update, Adams admits that he’s
pretty much always working on the site. “I don’t do a lot of work
beforehand on the things I post. Hard to believe but true!” Adams
admits. “Let’s just say that there’s a lot of winging it going on over

MNPP is just one of a growing throng of gay-themed horror blogs out
there — too many to keep up with, Adams claims, but he does have his
favorites. “If I had the focus to stay on the horror topic and not go
off on month-long tangents about Ryan Reynolds’ abdominal muscles, the
blog I would want to be is Billy Loves Stu,”
he says. He speculates that the horror genre’s exploration of social
tensions and taboos resonate with gay audiences in a lot of specific
ways, and provides interesting metaphors for individuals own difficult
experiences. “That’s obviously a broad statement and not true for
everybody,” he adds. “In my case, I just found that Leatherface spoke
more directly to my adolescent traumas than Liza did.”

If you’re not into beefcake, MNPP still holds plenty of fascination thanks to weekly features like Thursday’s Ways Not to Die,
which profiles cinema’s on-screen demises with relish. “Whenever things
are getting too flowery, too boring, too much about Ryan Reynolds’
abdominal muscles, I swing in once a week with an appreciation of
people’s skulls being smashed open and their eyeballs being plucked
out,” says Adams. “It’s like this warm balm of gore washing over the
place, dirtying everything up for another week.”

As for what the future holds, Adams is really flying by the seat of
his… pants. “Sometime right after the holidays I’ll be doing my
year-end wrap-up thingamajig, and I’m rolling around a new format for
it in my brain that I hope will be both fun and informative!” he
teases. “And then come next year, just more of the same old nonsense, I
guess.” And the origin of the blog’s name? “On the day that I started
the blog I’d purchased a new pair of plaid pants. I named the site in
their honor,” he says. It’s not the obscure horror movie reference that
one might have expected, but then, defiance of expectation sums up both
Adams and MNPP to a tee.

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