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SciFi Power Ranking – December 29, 2008

All good things must come to an end, and as 2008 winds down we take a moment to say farewell to the latest in a long line of scifi icons to leave us this year: Goodbye Eartha Kitt, your Catwoman was a true classic. On to happier matters, Christmas week is always a big one at the box office, and this year was no exception. With a number of scifi flicks now gracing the silver screen, which — if any — will rule the Power Rankings?

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 4 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
Forget about the box office, the top newsmaker this week was Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. A judge has ruled against Warner Bros. in Fox’s distribution rights lawsuit, and fans’ hand-wringing has begun in earnest.
2 6 BenjaminButton75.jpg The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
We already knew the critics loved it, and with box office numbers rolling in it’s now official: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a hit!
3 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Doctor Who
The Who Christmas Special has become an annual tradition, and with their run on the show coming to an end, star David Tennant and show-runner Russel T Davies have gone out in style.
4 MonstersVersusAliens75.jpg Monsters Vs Aliens
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and for Christmas this year he brought us a new trailer for Monsters Vs Aliens. Keep this up, Dreamworks, and you might have a shot of knocking Pixar off the American animation throne.
5 9-75.jpg 9
The first trailer for Shane Acker’s 9 has emerged. Tim Burton and Wanted director Timur Bekmembatov teaming up to produce post-apocalyptic puppet-man animation? Zowie!
6 spirit.jpg The Spirit
Can we stop referring to Spirit director Frank Miller as an auteur now, please? Despite a huge release The Spirit could do no better than seventh at the box office, probably because everybody hates it. Expect it to drop like a stone next week.
7 7 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
J.J. Abrams can apparently make headlines just by sneezing, and this week his Trek reboot is back in the headlines thanks to a simple announcement that post-production is almost done. It’s not really news, but the fan reaction proves that Trek‘s still got clout.
8 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
Still in the headlines for the wrong reasons, fans are taking recent comments by Fox execs as a sure sign that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is being sent off into the wilderness to die. ‘Fox’ and ‘hand-wringing’ must be the trend of the week.
9 tron 75x75.jpg Tron 2.0
Not only is Tron coming back but Tron’s coming back! Bruce Boxleitner — the titular character himself — has just signed on for the upcoming sequel. An old-school cast is going to make this movie impossible to market, but oldsters like me are psyched.
10 1 Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still.jpg The Day The Earth Stood Still
As predicted, better movies at the box office have hit DESS hard. At the box office and on the Ranking, it’s holding on to a position by the slimmest of margins. Don’t look for it here next week.
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