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SciFi Power Ranking – December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and while the nation reels from swollen bellies and turkey-induced comas, the scifi community has been dealt a far more serious holiday blow: This was the first week in as long as I can remember in which there was absolutely no Watchmen news at all. None. Zip. Nada. But thankfully it ain’t Thanksgiving everywhere, and the break in local news allowed a few smaller foreign flicks to crack the list.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 1 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
Sure, the Nimoy-enhanced version of the Trek trailer would’ve been enough to get people talking, but the big buzz is over a different beast entirely: Are the Trek monster and the Cloverfield monster one and the same? It’s not that crazy a suggestion.
2 8 terminator.robot.jpg Terminator: Salvation
The ruling is in, and Terminator 4‘s new animated poster rules. I just hope someone figures out a way of doing this in the real world.
3 timecrimes75.jpg Timecrimes
How big is the buzz on this little Spanish time travel flick? Big enough that United Artists struck a side deal during the writers’ strike just so they could own remake rights. And with the original about to hit screens, the local chatter is growing.
4 3 caprica.jpg Battlestar Galactica / Caprica
What’s the bigger question: Who is the final Cylon or will the Caprica prequel ever see the light of day? The lack of answers to both are just fueling more talk.
5 futurama75.jpg Futurama: Into The Wild Green Yonder
The end is near for the string of Futurama direct-to-dvd movies, but it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. Or, in this case, until the crew heads off into the Wild Green Yonder. Last movie, first clip. Discuss. (Everyone else is.)
6 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Doctor Who
It’s a December tradition: Speculation over the Doctor Who Christmas Special. The fact that this is David Tennant’s final kick at Christmas festivities, coupled with the episode being titled The Next Doctor gives the discussion a bit more edge this time.
7 iron_man_75.jpg Iron Man 2
Woah — an Iron Man 2 rumor that didn’t start with Big-Mouth Favreau? There’s a casting call out now, and while it may not name the characters directly it gives enough detail to open up some interesting speculation.
8 eyeborgs75.jpg Eyeborgs
No way this one attracts so much notice in a busier week, but when things are quiet there ain’t much better than Danny Trejo battling one-eyed surveillance robots while spouting silly one-liners. Hey, sometimes stupid is fun.
9 20thcentury75.jpg 20th Century Boys 2
Another one making the rankings thanks to the quiet week, the second installment of this massive Japanese manga adaptation has got fans in a tizzy. Expect these things to hit the same niche as the Death Note flicks last year.
10 6 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
Zack: You’re slipping! In a busier week you’d have dropped right off the list, so consider this a warning. Get your act together and give us fanboys something new to drool over this week.
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