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Master Monster Hunter Tournament Semifinals: Buffy (No. 1) vs. Ripley (No. 5)

The semifinals! One win away from fighting for the title of Master Monster Hunter. And what a matchup we have, the top-seeded Buffy vs. the alien-acing Ellen Ripley.

If you went purely on paper, Ripley’s monster-hunting ability should stack up well against those of Buffy Summers. Do the math:

Buffy needs a team to help her fight the good fight, while Ellen flies solo. Advantage: Ellen
• When Buffy kills something, it dissolves into harmless dust; when Ellen kills something, it explodes in a lethal cloud of acid. Advantage: Ellen
• They both sleep with the enemy. Advantage: Even
• Buffy’s stunt doubles are so blatantly obvious it’s comical; Ellen’s are seamless. Advantage: Ellen
• Ellen came back from the dead once; Buffy came back twice. Monster-hunter advantage: Buffy.

But, this is an online contest, and online, Buffy’s fans are legion. They have driven her to wins over River Tam from
Firefly/ Serenity , then helped her dominate Angel (see “sleeps with the enemy,” above). The Whedonites are legion, well organized, and blogging their little finger off.

But Whedonites, here is something you may or may not realize — Ellen is also touched by your favorite sappy storyteller. That’s right, Ol’ Joss penned the script for Alien: Resurrection . Seems he was just the guy for the job, since Ripley died in Alien 3 , and the producers needed someone who wasn’t bothered by little plot-holes… like death.

Decide which resurrected monster hunter has the advantage.


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