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Master Monster Hunter Tournament Semifinals: Ash (No. 2) vs. Hellboy (No. 3)

It’s a battle that was destined to be. That’s why tournaments assign seeds — they are a predictive indicator of each contestant’s ability, of how far they will go. And what do we have here? Two dead-on accurate seeds, the No. 2 Ash vs. the No. 3 Hellboy.

So if we follow along this accuration to the Nth degree statistical relevance, then Ash should mop the floor with Big Red. Yes, I just made up the word “accuration.” It’s my blog. Deal with it.

Ash’s monster-hunting ability is without par, as we saw in Evil Dead , Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness . He’s killed all kinds of nasties: Zombies, skeletons, harpies, a full-size version of himself and even many wee versions of himself. Come on, admit it — if you can kill yourself multiple times and come back for two sequels, you are one Grade-A Bad Ass.

But the thing with math is, sometimes the details don’t add up. Just because Hellboy is seeded lower than Ash doesn’t mean this one’s cut and dried. The Right Hand of Doom can bring it, taking out Cthulu baddies, forest gods, trolls and even a boatload of spooky golden Elfin cyborg death machines.

They both kill monsters. They are both legends. They are both semifinalists, but only one will advance to fight for the title. Ash, are you ready? Hellboy, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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