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Horror Power Ranking – December 8, 2008

Last week was all about the vampires, but this week, we’re starting to see some fresh zombies creep in… as is their wont to. But it’s good old reliable Jason who tops the ranking, after the release of a killer trailer. (Pun intended). What else is on the ranker? Check it out:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie
1 friday13th0307-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
See, now thats a movie trailer. You know how I kept waffling about this movie, whether it would be good enough for the Friday the 13th name? All fears have been assuaged. Bring it on, Jason. Bring it on.
2 dead-snow-75x75.jpg Dead Snow
Only slightly less exciting than the Friday the 13th trailer is this movie, about… Nazi zombies. Horror pitches rely too often on compound words (Robot-aliens! Werewolf-Frankensteins!), but here are two evil tastes that will really taste great together.
3 1 buffy-the-vampire-slayer-75x75.jpg Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I only bump this down to number three because of the speculative nature of the project. But we all know that speculating leads to prospecting, which leads to a profitable mining town (i.e., movie franchise). Make it happen, miners.
4 TheyLive-75x75.jpg They Live
Universal is setting up a remake of Carpenter’s movie, which… I’m OK with. I don’t know if it’s the continual remake grind that’s wearing me down, but get a director with a good sense of humor, and a Roddy Piper cameo, and this could be fun.
5 mybloodyvalentine3d-75x75.jpg My Bloody Valentine 3D
Just a friendly reminder that we’re about a month out from the most purposefully stupid exercise in movie making since… Well, I don’t know when. And in case it isn’t clear, I’m totally there opening night.
6 2 twilight2-75x75.jpg Twilight
Twilight continues to make a profit at the box office, and people I respect the opinion of have actually enjoyed the movie. But then we get these Twilight action figures, and I remember just how silly this movie is. That’s some tall hair, in’it?
7 worldwarz-75x75.jpg World War Z
It’s looking like this week is all about the zombies, with Dead Snow, and more news about World War Z, which promises to be a, “large scale zombie epic.” They said the same thing about Eli Roth’s Cell, and that came out… When, exactly?
8 4 lettherightonein-75x75.jpg Let the Right One in
Our own Grady Hendrix thought this was the second best foreign horror movie of 2008, yet it can’t make any traction at the box office, or the mainstream press. Sadly, this is a movie that will only be rediscovered when the remake comes out.
9 underworld-rise-75x75.jpg Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Like my PSA above about My Bloody Valentine, I’d also like to let you know that it’s about six weeks until Underworld 3 is released in theaters. The movies are a case of gigantically diminishing returns, and yet, I can’t stop watching them.
10 3 i_am_legend_will_smith-75x75.jpg 2 Legend 2 Furious
OK, now I feel like a ping pong ball. First this was a prequel. Then a sequel. Now, it’s a prequel again, and I’ve once again lost interest. The main selling point Will Smith and director Francis Lawrence have is, “the dog is still in it!” No thank you.

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