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Daily Scan for 12.31.08 – Terminator Invades Film Registry, Hoffman Dons Penguin Disguise


• James Cameron’s The Terminator has been inducted into the National Film Registry as a movie of cultural import. This of course guarantees it will survive the apocalyptic ravages of Judgment Day.

The New York Times talks about the increasing tendency to bridge series gaps with online webisodes. How else will we learn about minor characters’ sexual orientations?

• Is this Philip Seymour Hoffman dressed up as the Penguin in a new Dark Knight sequel? Probably not, but it’s convincing enough to make me think the fanboys are onto something.

• The BBC only renewed Torchwood for a five-episode third season, which is fine: It’s a terrible, terrible show. But star John Barrowman carping that he wishes he could play the role until he’s 90? Go out with dignity, man.

Cracked lists the eight most misguided scifi predictions for the year 2008, which includes Escape from New York ‘s Manhattan prison.

• Vintage pulp magazine illustrator Edd Cartier has passed away. I wonder if it had anything to do with how bad The Spirit was.

• Disney’s premature cancellation of the Narnia series has Cinematical wondering if the same thing could happen to Harry Potter. If Warners is acutally pondering this, I don’t think they’ve considered what putting every British actor alive out of work would do to the UK economy.

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