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Daily Scan for 12.30.08 – Disney Backs Out of Narnia, Cancer Kid Back In Fanboys,


• Eartha Kitt, who played Batman’s villain Catwoman during the 1960s TV series, has died of cancer at 81. Her feline puns will be missed.

• Disney apparently felt the second Narnia movie’s $450 million international gross was too meager: They won’t be financing Dawn Treader, the third film in the series.

• The “fanpaign” against Darth Weinstein was a success: The cancer kid subplot is back in Fanboys!

• Disappointing new Transformers 2 pictures are hopefully more than meets the eye.

Christopher Lee reads The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just when I thought that story couldn’t get any cooler.

• Dark Roasted Blend covers the mind-shattering novels of Philip K. Dick.

• A shocking number of science fiction luminaries died in 2009. Slice of SciFi lists them all.

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