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Daily Scan for 12.22.2008 – Shatner Remembers Majel, Miller Eyes Buck


• Woolworth’s in the UK has banned Star Wars lightsabers from being sold because they “look like guns.” Yes, those fluorescent, cylindrical, non-firing guns of the future I’ve heard so much about.

• Russel T. Davies says the next Doctor Who Christmas special will be a “Doctorfest,” whatever that means.

• This is exactly the point at which we should all panic: After (apparently) ruining The Spirit, Frank Miller turns his attentions to Buck Rogers.

• William Shatner pays tribute to Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, creator Gene’s wife and the only actor more ubiquitous with Star Trek than he is.

• io9 examines the five scifi rebirths of Santa Claus.

• Oh, John DeNardo. We love you here at SciFi Scanner. But sometimes your opinions are just despicably wrong. A Boy And His Dog is a classic.

• Danny Boyle is directing is directing Judge Dredd. It can’t be any worse than Stallone’s debacle.

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