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Daily Scan for 12.18.08 – Watchmen Intro Is Sneaked, Star Wars Nativity Is Staged


• A long time ago, in a Tatooine manger far, far away… The Star Wars LEGO nativity.

• SF Signal rounds up several of the wonderful (and wonderfully dorky) Internet videos detailing Star Trek‘s many inconsistencies.

• He may not be the next Doctor Who, but with a new Stargate spin-off, Robert Carlyle is quickly becoming one of scifi’s leading men.

• Ballardian celebrates scifi crackpot Philip K. Dick’s 80th birthday with creepy footage of an android made in his likeness.

• Who watches the first 22 minutes of Watchmen?, and according to them it aligns nicely with Alan Moore’s graphic novel (while kicking in a few new surprises to boot).

• It looks like Marvel’s Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. are breaking into an alternate reality game. Sign me up, ya ole’ one-eyed bastard!

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