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Daily Scan for 12.16.08 – Trek‘s Time Travel Revealed, Branagh’s Thor Confirmed

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Terminator: Salvation isn’t even out yet and the sequel is already underway. That’s not surprising since they planned for a trilogy, but Warner Bros. must be pretty confident this one’s going to be profitable, if not good.

• Richard Dawkins is really turning into a kook: Now he’s ranting against fantasy literature, declaring it “anti-scientific.” Gee, ya think?

• TrekMovie “spoils” the time travel plot in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, which ends up being exactly what everyone had assumed all along.

• Kenneth Branagh has finally confirmed he’s directing Thor. First Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, now Branagh — I’m getting the sense that Marvel is aiming to acquire the whole Royal Shakespeare Company.

• Darren Aronofsky says we’re all Robocop. Now if you’ll excuse me, somewhere there is a crime happening.

• Good news, Lost fans: Season 5 will air without interruption.

• Fox unveils a trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, featuring a stunt where Hugh Jackman flips off his motorcycle and onto a helicopter. Sign me up.

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