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Daily Scan for 12.11.08 – Terminator Trailer Hits the Net, Rabbits Go Robocop

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• Some fantastic insight on the daily routines of scifi writers shows that Franz Kafka only slept an hour a day, which explains a lot about the sanity of his writing.

• There’s a new full length Terminator Salvation trailer out over at Apple.The movie looks surprisingly good, so cautious optimism, fellas!

• Coming soon to a theater near you: A trio of mech-wearing bunnies, kitties and dogs. Could this be Watership Down meets Robocop?

• SF Signal catches up with R.A. Salvatore and son talking about their latest book, The Stowaway.

• If you can’t remember what’s happened in Battlestar Galactica so far, SciFi Channel has posted a 13 minute catch-up video to prepare you for the final season.

• Does actual scientific research lead to believable science fiction? My theory is the vast majority of readers can’t get past the basics, so who cares?

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