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Daily Scan for 12.09.08 – Keanu Questions Klaatu, Fables Charms ABC

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• When approached to play the new Klaatu, Keanu Reeves’ first question was apparently, “Why remake The Day the Earth Stood Still?” Why, indeed.

Wired notes that hard science oftentimes makes scifi shows more popular, meaning that contrary to Tim Kring’s theory, not every TV watcher is an idiot.

25 Things We’ll Miss About Forrest J. Ackerman. There’s a lot of stuff here I didn’t know, like the fact that he was the first person to show up at a scifi convention in costume back in 1939. We miss you, Uncle Forry.

ABC has optioned Bill Willingham’s excellent comic book series Fables for a pilot. This feels so right, you know it’ll go wrong somehow.

• io9 reminds us there are indeed ways to purge mind-controlling brain slugs from our systems. I know I’m relieved.

• It looks like a Philip K. Dick biopic is on its way. The guy was certainly insane enough to make a compelling protagonist.

• I’m the final Cylon, you’re the final Cylon, everyone’s the final Cylon!

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