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Chopper Zombie, the Comic Book Flick to One-up Ghost Rider

Chopper Zombie, the Comic Book Flick to One-up Ghost Rider” width=”560″/>

His tough-guy TV shows (Monster Garage, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers) already have a large following. So when producer Thom Beers decided to make a graphic novel, Comic-Conners paid attention. What he created was Chopper Zombie, a book about a motorcycle builder who comes back from the dead. In it, Taz (the aforementioned gearhead) refuses to sell his formula for a new superfuel to a dangerous corporation. When a team of thugs drowns him in his own toxic creation, he resurrects and wreaks havoc on those that did him wrong. Devil’s Due released the project, written by Todd Livingston (The Black Forest) with art by Scott Keating (Death and the Man Who Could Not Die) this summer. Now Beers is working on Chopper Zombie, the movie, co-producing with Philip Segal under the production shingle Original Productions.

“Creating a graphic novel and taking it right into a feature is a truly awesome experience,” he said, suggesting he always knew it had movie potential. That could make for an easy adaptation and a film that doesn’t disappoint: No one wants another Ghost Rider. To learn more about other comic books turning into movies or vice versa, check out this photo gallery. For more about Chopper Zombie and other horror comics, go to

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