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30 Days of Night‘s Steve Niles Takes on the Robot Monsters of City of Dust

30 Days of Night‘s Steve Niles Takes on the Robot Monsters of City of Dust” width=”560″/>

Horror-comic king Steve Niles might have ventured into the realm of science fiction with his latest book, City of Dust, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary. Imagine a future where people aren’t allowed to use their imaginations, a postapocalyptic world where fantasy of any form is illegal. There are no comics, no movies, no stories. If that’s not a horror fan’s worst nightmare, what is?

Radical Publishing released City this past October, with images from the Singapore artist Zid. It might not have the vampires that made 30 Days of Night
perfect for adaptation, but it does have robot monsters, and the
publisher is pushing for a movie version. The company produces lush,
fully painted panels for each of its comics, in hopes that they’ll be
brought to the big screen.

“If I got into this only to make comic books, I would have to be either an Über-fan or an idiot,” Radical co-founder Barry Levine told the Los Angeles Times.
“I got into this business to create great content that would translate
itself on a multimedia platform.” While comic-book purists scoff at the
influence Hollywood is having on their art form, fans of Niles, horror,
and science fiction are waiting to see who will direct.

To learn more about other comic books being turned into movies, or vice versa, check out this photo gallery. For more about City of Dust and other horror comics, go to

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