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Who’s Next For X-Men Origins? Vote Now!

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While fanboys drool over Marvel Films’ now daily headlines (Captain America has a director! Kenneth Branagh’s giving Thor an Elizabethan accent!), everyone has plum forgotten about Fox’s X-Men Origins franchise. But it’s time to bring back the buzz. Next May’s Wolverine looks promising, if for no other reason than Sabretooth is no longer played by a professional wrestler. Then there’s Magneto, the ideal choice for Origins in that the character’s background as a
Holocaust survivor is cinematically compelling, and his origin dovetails
nicely with Professor Xavier’s. Indeed, as recent reports have confirmed, the movie (co-written by The Dark Knight‘s David S. Goyer) will delve into Magneto’s early days with the X-Men founder, and is certain to feature cameos by other young mutants.

But beyond Wolvie and Magneto, do any other mutants deserve a solo outing? To answer this question I’ve teamed up with the editors at ComicMix to offer you the top five future Origins contenders. Take a look, then throw in your two cents. Your vote could finally give America the Banshee film it deserves.

Friday Night Lights‘ star Taylor Kitsch is playing Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and unless Kitsch really blows it, the popular card-throwing Cajun seems a perfect candidate for a solo film. Once his origin is out of the way, Gambit could be brought into current X-Men movie continuity, throwing a wrench into the Iceman/Rogue romance (His on-again/off-again relationship with Rogue is a longtime staple of both X-Men comics and creepy fan fiction). The bad boy attitude and swarthy good looks will bring in the ladies, (to put it in Lost terms, Gambit is the Sawyer of the X-Men), and his background as a thief could make for an interesting film. Let’s just hope Kitsch doesn’t overdo the Cajun accent.

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
ComicMix news editor Bob Greenberger votes for X-Men: The Last Stand ‘s breakout star to ditch her Juno hoodie and get back in black leather: “Ellen Page is such a good actress,” he says. “A Wolverine and Kitty Pryde movie would be fun.”  Anna Paquin’s Rogue served the “young mutant whom Wolvie begrudgingly befriends” role in the first X-Men film, but it’s Wolvie and Kitty’s relationship that holds the most weight with Uncanny X-Men readers. Page’s schedule pending, Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) would be a
great addition to a Wolverine sequel. Anything to avoid Wolvie’s other gal pal Jubilee — Seriously, Jubilee’s Valley Girl schtick was tired in 1994.

Ultimate X-Men and X-Men Legends writer Glenn Hauman (VP of Production for ComicMix) thinks Marvel’s time-traveling mutant could shake up the X-Men movie formula. “[Bishop’s] an easy ‘high concept’ to explain to Hollywood money types,” he explains. “‘Think X-Men meets the Terminator films!’ It allows you to cast new actors, which saves funds, and puts into sharp relief exactly where the X-films could take us.” Indeed, a solo Bishop film could easily set the stage for a fourth movie, and he’d be the first prominent African-American male in the X-Men movie universe. Yes we can.

Sure, she lost her mutant abilities during X-Men: The Last Stand. But would you really complain if she suddenly got them back and starred in her own film? Need I remind you, fanboys, that under that blue scaly skin lies a naked Rebecca Romijn? Mystique was easily the best villain in the X-Men trilogy after Magneto, and lest you think her a mere bad guy, check out Brian K. Vaughan’s issues of Marvel’s Mystique series, which delves into the character’s background as a spy. It’s Alias meets X-Men meets Rebecca Romijn. In other words, a license to print money.

I would love to see Fox retcon Jean Grey’s transformation into Dark Phoenix a la The Incredible Hulk, so botched was Brett Ratner’s attempt at it in The Last Stand. Famke Janssen’s performance as the volatile Jean was underrated, and setting the story partially in outer space as it was originally written could be potentially mind-blowing.

So who should get the next X-Men spin-off? Angel? Professor X? Kid Omega? (Please not Kid Omega. He’s basically Quill with a stupid name.) Vote now!

When not writing, Nick Nadel is in line at the comic book store
alongside the other geeks, er, fans of speculative fiction. His most
prized possession is a 1960s Batman comic wherein the Dynamic Duo are
trapped inside a fortune cookie factory. He lives in Brooklyn and
updates his aptly named website ( with comedy writing and videos.
Special thanks to Glenn Hauman and Bob Greenberger of

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