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Web Stalker – Rob Zombie to Birth “Ugly Child No One Loves” – El Superbeasto

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If there’s one thing we know about Rob Zombie, it’s that he doesn’t believe in “It can’t be done.” Those magic words seem to summon him like a vengeful genie, one who’s hellbent on producing entertainments that defy studio logic. But after three years of intermittent production and drastic re-imaginings, the delayed release of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, his raunchy animated luchador fantasia, reminds us that bucking the system isn’t as easy as it looks.

Horror and comics fans have been on this movie’s trail all the while: Bloody Disgusting has been reporting on casting for months; international horror blogs have also been tracking its progress. And since it was originally a comic, (also created by Zombie, naturally) there have been plenty of artwork and action figures to keep everyone distracted from the fact that a release date is still pending. Posting in the movie’s blog, Zombie has been urging patience, referring to his creation as “the ugly child no one loves.”

It’s not just the audience that depends on people like Zombie for a regular dose of strange. “I’ve been lucky to work on projects with guys who keep crashing the barriers and keep storming the castle, long after I would have given up,” says Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants. “I’m lucky because they hire me after the hard work is done.” Kenny performed his role in El Superbeasto over a year ago (he plays Otto, the gorilla henchman of Paul Giamatti’s Dr. Satan) and is as anxious as anyone else to see the final result. At least the bits he’s seen so far are drop-dead hilarious. “It’s what Tex Avery would have been allowed to do if he was an animator in 2008,” he says.

Kenny marvels at Zombie’s many-pronged assault on the entertainment world. “He’s like Buckaroo Bonzai. ‘He’s a rock star, a movie producer and an scientist!'” he laughs. So why the hold up? Unfortunately we’re trapped in the era of what Kenny refers to as the “farting animals” genre of animated features. “It makes something like El Superbeasto a really tough sell. How do you explain a movie like this to studios?” He wonders. “What is it? Not every movie that gets made is a mainstream movie… If Rob, the poster child for off-the-beaten-track weirdo niche product, can’t get offbeat weird stuff going, who can?”

Thankfully, the latest news on Zombie’s blog is that after the addition of 2,000 extra shots, the movie is finally finished. Last week, some fans in LA got an early peek at the footage and the word is that it doesn’t disappoint. That means it should just be a matter of time before all of us — the voice chasers, horror fans, and the unsuspecting public at large — get a huge dose of serious weirdness. And Kenny claims no one needs it more than he does. “I have a kid, so I’m years behind in movies,” he explains. “I can’t remember the last time I saw one that didn’t have a Happy Meal tie-in.” 

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