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The Unheard of About the Undead or Why in Impaler You Root for Dracula

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Dracula isn’t usually portrayed as a good guy. From Nosferatu to Van Helsing, he’s a force of evil that must be stopped. But the comic Impaler is changing the vampire mythos by making him the hero. Here Vlad Dracula (the real-life historical inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel) is not a vampire; he’s a vampire-hunter. The comic book’s story goes something like this: In 1460, Vlad is facing a vampire invasion and he orders a priest to give him supernatural powers so he can fight them off. Now, Vampires are taking a bite out of the Big Apple and, after five centuries in purgatory, the “impaler” comes back to save New York City. Yea!

The trade collecting the first story arc was released Wednesday, November 5. Come December Top Cow will launch Impaler as an ongoing series featuring art by Matt Timson (Popgun). Writer William Harms (finalist for the Horror Guild Award) will then expand the story beyond Manhattan as he shows the ramifications of vampires pushing south to Washington, D.C. Eek!

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