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From The Alamo to Now, Texas Boys Are Not to Be Messed With


From the soldiers at the Alamo to the members of the Bush clan, a streak of independence runs through natives of the Lone Star State — just take a look at its actors! Gary Busey, Tommy Lee Jones and Rip Torn are just a few of its obstinate products. These are men branded by a rugged self-reliance — and knack for starting trouble — that sets them apart from their more effete ilk in Hollywood.

No sir, Texans won’t apologize for who they are, and they’re willing to fight for what they believe in. As über-bar-bouncer Dalton in No Country for Old Men in West Texas. Even Wedding Crashers star Owen Wilson, who might not immediately seem to fit the mold, links his slacker mannerisms to his Dallas birthright.

“People always say that they see me as the laid-back, surfer, stoner type,” Wilson told People. “I guess it’s just being from Texas, and talking in a deliberate — I would say thoughtful — way….”

It’s no surprise that when The Alamo went into production in 2003, they couldn’t help but cast one of the state’s favorite sons, Dennis Quaid, as the ultimate favorite son: Sam Houston. (Austin native Ethan Hawke, who was originally scheduled to co-star, left the project, but he can be forgiven; he later paid his Texas dues with the 2006 film The Hottest State .)

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