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SciFi Power Ranking – November 24, 2008

Science fiction is typically a playground for the big kids, the budgets required to create far off worlds almost unavoidably pricing its films outside of the indies’ reach. But this week fanboy idol Sandy Collora — you know him from the stellar Batman: Dead End fan film — didn’t just make the list with his first indie feature, Hunter Prey, he very nearly topped it. As for the new artwork from James Cameron’s Avatar, or the new trailer from the most expensive Russian film ever made? Well, even the big kids need to give up their spot on the swingset every once and a while.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 1 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
While there were some new bits and pieces from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, its real hold on the top spot this week is all because of ongoing chatter about the trailer. Some love it, some are worried, and everybody is talking.
2 HunterPrey75.jpg Hunter Prey
Yeah, I know, I’m surprised, too. But the numbers don’t lie and talk of Sandy Collora’s tiny budget scifi picture is absolutely tearing up the web. And why not? He’s saying all the right things and the first images are terrific.
3 caprica.jpg Battlestar Galactica
This one also caught me by surprise, but BSG fans are not only legion, they’re ravenous. And chatty: The buildup to the final reveal is apparently making everyone just a little bit crazy, and their gossip has driven the numbers up to our third spot.
4 HarryPotter75.jpg Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
The boy wizard’s back with a new domestic trailer. If it had come earlier in the week it probably would have topped the chart, but as is Star Trek‘s still takes the cake.
5 Astroboy.jpg Astroboy
The little robot boy is a true icon to generations of fans, and the first trailer for the new theatrical version has arrived. The verdict?  Old fans are happy, and young fans are incredibly excited. Looks like they got this one right.
6 2 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
A four point slide for Zack Snyder’s Watchmen this week as nothing significant comes out of that camp at all, while buzz from the new trailer dwindles. Things may be quiet now, but the movie’s still the elephant in the room.
7 5 coraline75.jpg Coraline
This one would have climbed the list were it not for all the other trailer buzz this week. But after behind-the-scenes peeks and one all-too-brief teaser, the full trailer for Henry Selick’s Neil Gaiman adaptation has arrived. It looks amazing, though.
8 terminator.robot.jpg Terminator: Salvation
McG is slowly and steadily winning the hearts of fans and critics around the globe.  Terminator‘s latest press promo in the UK is producing nothing but positive responses.  I’m still skeptical, but this looks like a step in the right direction. Though, so did T3
9 Pinocchio75.jpg Pinocchio
Guillermo Del Toro can do no wrong these days, and word he’ll be producing a stop-motion version of Pinnochio with Henson Company backing and acclaimed illustrator Gris Grimley directing has got fans buzzing.  But expect a loooong wait.
10 spirit.jpg The Spirit
New trailer, new promos, more scoffing.  Yes, yes, all press is good press — but apparently very little of the The Spirit is good, and Frank Miller’s ego has got to be taking a pounding.
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