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SciFi Power Ranking – November 17, 2008

This week was shaping up to be a fairly quiet one in the world of science fiction, but leave it to the big boys to close things out in style. How’s that? With a new trailer for Watchmen and the first full trailer for Star Trek in front of some screenings of Quantum of Solace, that’s how. And suddenly the world is a happier place. Anyone care to guess what the one and two spots are in this week’s ranking?

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
A brilliant marketing push that included press screenings in the UK and releasing the Enterprise design before putting the trailer in front of Quantum of Solace makes J.J. Abrams Star Trek the most buzzed about movie of the week in any genre. Number one by a mile.
2 3 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
If any flick had a chance of challenging Abrams and Star Trek it was Snyder and Watchmen. The new trailer’s a dandy and it’s certainly got people talking, but it just couldn’t quite keep up.
3 KickAss75.jpg Kick Ass
Mathew Vaughn, you’ve disappointed me before and if you do it again, I’m done with you. That said, the new shots from Vaughn’s superhero flick Kick Ass do exactly that while providing hope for a fresh spin on the genre.  Reason enough to hope while getting people hyped.
4 7 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
And talking about hope… sure, it’s been a tumultuous process for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse but those in the know are declaring it the best thing he’s ever done. Better than Buffy? Better than Firefly? High praise nets a high ranking.
5 coraline75.jpg Coraline
Neil Gaiman’s never been done right on screen before but he’s never been animated before — and never had a director the caliber of Henry Selick, either. (Cough, cough, Mathew Vaughn) Lots of new promos out and all signs are this is a perfect match of talents.
6 Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still.jpg The Day the Earth Stood Still
The suits are doing everything they can to get people excited about this one and while it ain’t really working among the scifi hardcore, omnipresent marketing and Keanu Reeves will surely combine to bring the crowds out opening day.
7 BenjaminButton75.jpg The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Variety has declared the latest from Fight Club director David Fincher a serious Oscar contender. With Fincher drawing film cultists, Brad Pitt attracting the mainstream, and the trades making already making predictions, expect a slow and steady build here.
8 2012-75.jpg 2012
Ah, Roland Emmerich, the director people love to hate.  But as much as we mock your movies people keep on coming out to them and you’re at it again with 2012.  The trailer is drawing it’s share of scorn but, as always, Emmerich has got people talking.
9 WallE.jpg WALL-E / BURN-E
Everybody’s favorite garbage robot is back with a DVD release timed to get the Oscar talk started again, but what’s got people talking isn’t so much the main feature as the new short. Just go ahead and have the statue engraved, we all know WALL*E is going to win…
10 PushingDaisies75.jpg Pushing Daisies
The fans are intensely loyal, but there just aren’t enough of them which means Pushing Daisies is just about, done. That means it’s time for protests and letters and fans shipping daisy bouquets to studio suits. It all makes for lots of talk but, sadly, too little too late.
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