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SciFi Power Ranking – November 3, 2008

With no major science fiction releases on the big screen schedule for the next little while and the fall television season now mostly up and running, you’d think this would be a quiet time for SF news. And you’d be wrong. With a seemingly endless string of comic book titles being optioned for film — this week Sam Mendes signed on for Preacher — and plenty happening on the small screen as well, the Interwebs are bubbling over with chatter… Chatter which must be ranked! Read on!

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie, Show or Comic
1 HarryPotter75.jpg Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Ignore all the imitators and wannabes, Harry Potter is still the undisputed king of the fantasy world and the new Half Blood Prince trailer has simply crushed all comers.
2 3 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Dr. Who
Brits nab the top two slots of this week’s ranking; if only the news on the Who front were good. After all the speculation about who might replace him, it’s now official: David Tennant is out. He may have been my favorite Doctor ever and the mourning period has now begun.
3 hulk-75.jpg The Incredible Hulk
Never count a big, green man out. Despite the movie being branded a flop in some circles — even though it grossed well over a hundred mil — the just released DVD is smashing the competition and flying off store shelves.
4 Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still.jpg The Day the Earth Stood Still
Unexpected side effect of Jon Hamm hosting SNLpeople have finally noticed he’s in the TDTESS remake, which has one stellar cast once you get past Keanu Reeves. The hefty new trailer is doing its job and drawing a lot of positive buzz.
5 8 Alice75.jpg Alice in Wonderland
OK, this officially has the best cast ever, with Alan Rickman and Christopher Lee now joing Depp, Bonham-Carter, Glover, Hathaway, et al on Tim Burton’s Alice. A perfect match of director to material and brilliant casting decisions are pushing this one through the rankings…
6 2 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
I wish they’d stop airbrushing Zachary Quinto’s face quite so much — Spock ain’t plastic, people — but some more Trek pics are out there. It’ll take a trailer to recreate the excitement that surrounded the first pictures, but things are still looking good for Abrams and company.
7 1 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
Major slippage for Watchmen this week as the only real conversation revolves around whether the current ending is real or just audience manipulation / testing.
8 iron_man_75.jpg Avengers / Iron Man 2 and 3
It isn’t a surprise at this point — which is why it didn’t rank higher — but it’s nice to make these things official.  And The Avengers, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 are now all officially moving ahead with Downey Jr. and Favreau both on board.
9 4 terminator.robot.jpg Terminator: Salvation
If McG keeps saying intelligent things about his upcoming Terminator flick, it’s going to force a lot of people to rethink their impressions of the man.  Expectations have gone from “horror show” to “maybe tolerable” to — dare I say it? — “probably pretty good.”
10 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
So, Joss Whedon has come out and confirmed what all of his fans already knew, or at least feared to be true: He is once again being screwed around by Fox. This isn’t how you want to make headlines, Joss.
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