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Monster Hunter Tournament, Round 2 – Hellboy (No. 3) vs. The Ghostbusters (No. 6)

If ever there was a shot an upset, this is it.

Hellboy made short work of Alice from Resident Evil , getting two votes to every one she got, but this win could be deceptive — Hellboy had the lowest number of votes of any first-round winner. In fact, his Round 2 opponents, the Ghostbusters, actually got more winning votes in their victorious battle against Mulder & Sculley from the X-Files.

What’s that math spell? Well, if math can actually spell anything, it would spell potential U-P-S-E-T (and probably U-P-S-E-T-3.14159265 because Math is a smart-ass like that and wants to show how smart he is and blow the curve for the rest of us, but just wait until recess, Math, because you’re going to get a wedgie like you can’t believe)!

Can the Ghostbusters knock off Big Red? Big Red is the King of Horror Hill right now, sure, but the Ghostbusters have been doing it longer and have the higher monster body count. So who’s the better monster hunter? It’s a toss-up, this is where the voting gets really tricky. Think, Dear Reader, think!


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