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Monster Hunter Tournament, Round 2 – Buffy (No. 1) vs. Angel (No. 9)

Ah, fate, thy sting is the sting of things that fly and… well… get all stingy and such. OK, Shakespeare I’m not, but the irony here is so delicious you could roll it in a breakfast burrito and knock it back with a Super Mega Grande, or whatever the suits at Starbucks have decided name a “large” these days. But I digress …

Buffy and Angel, sittin’ in a tree. The forbidden love of a vampire hunter and a vampire. However, this time their fight isn’t with words, nor is it with stakes and swords — this time, it’s about monster-hunting prowess. This is one of the best tales of the tape this tournament has to offer.

Hit TV show? Check for both. Supporting cast of monster hunters? Check for both. Super strength? Check. Saved the world, multiple times? You know it. A pile of monster corpses and vamp dust so big you could fill up all of John McCain’s houses? Yeppers. These cats are as evenly matched as possible, with practically identical monster-hunting histories (and, err… identical plotlines, and supporting casts, and love interests …. but I digress…).

Buffy, are you ready? Angel, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


To see where your favorite monster hunters are seeded in this round, click here.

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