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Master Monster Hunter Tournament – Ghostbusters (No. 6) vs. Mulder and Scully (No. 11)

There are a lot of people in the ring for this showdown — four Ghostbusters and two federal agents. Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston don’t mess around. They joke around (it is a comedy) but they don’t mess around. While there were only two movies about the Ghostbusters , it’s difficult to count the number of monsters they locked up during the five-year animated series. Name the monster, they lit it up with proton packs and charged a hefty fee for the service.

But while the Ghostbusters were paid per job, Mulder and Scully toiled away for government wages. Two movies and an animated series for the Ghostbusters? Try six seasons of The X-Files and a pair of (really awful) feature films. That’s a lot of vestigial tails and freak-show creepies, people. Both sides must have a massive backlog of monster-hunting paperwork to document all the critters they caught (Ghostbusters) or didn’t catch (The X-Files), but which one will triumph when they meet up head-to-head?


To see where your favorite monster hunters are seeded in the tournament, click here.

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