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Master Monster Hunter Tournament – Ellen Ripley (No. 5) vs. Blade (No. 12)

Ellen Ripley, star of four Alien movies, goes up against another modern day cinematic icon, the star of the three Blade flicks. You would think that a sword-wielding vampire slayer (who wears
kick-ass shades) would have the edge over a former space trucker, but
that’s not the way the voters saw it… And what the voters saw, the
seeding committee backed up, allotting a higher rank to Ripley. Does
that make Blade a freakin’ underdog? Yes, it does.

Both of these cats are monster-hunting specialists. Ripley is the master of the bug hunt, a xenopath that slaughters eggs, face-huggers, chest-bursters, soldiers and queens. Blade kills vampires, plain and simple, although he’s and equal-opportunity slayer and drops the boom on all vampish varieties.

So a pair of specialists square off, and that leaves it up to you, dear reader, to choose. What scares you more? Vampires or aliens? Use that fear as fuel, and vote for a winner.


To see where your favorite monster hunters are seeded in the tournament, click here.

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