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Master Monster Hunter Tournament – Sam and Dean Winchester (No. 8) vs. Angel (No. 9)

In any tournament, the true toss-up match is the No. 8 seed versus the No. 9. Sam and Dean Winchester, the monster-hunting bros from Supernatural, got the nod for the slightly higher ranking. Is it because they’re on TV now while Angel’s glory days have been relegated to late night reruns? Could it be that Sam and Dean can tag-team old Angelicus? Could it be their cool car?

Whatever the reason, the Winchester Boys are really up against it: Angel has starred in two monster-hunting masterpieces, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and, of course, Angel. He goes through monsters like a chain smoker through Pall Mall’s. Name the weapon, Angel can use it. Name the monster, Angel has dusted it. Name the doe-eyed vampire slayer girl, Angel has… well, let’s leave it at he’s killed a lot of monsters.


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