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Hybrid Is The Black Lagoon Meets Jaws

Hybrid Is The Black Lagoon Meets Jaws” width=”560″/>

There’s a few basic rules in horror, but none more basic than this: if you come upon an abandoned vehicle, it never, ever is empty. Take that idea, put it on a boat, add in equal doses of humor and suspense, and you’ve got the new comic (and movie) Hybrid. True to form, four friends find a ship adrift in the ocean, and decide to investigate. Turns out there’s a little girl on board, and also… Something else.

Writer and filmmaker Peter Kwong created Hybrid for Myriad Pictures as part of their first look deal with comic book creators Studio 407. The film is set to begin production in South East Asia, off the coast of Thailand, while the comic will be released right here in the United States to tie into the film.

Managing director of Studio 407, and co-producer Alex Leung said, “It’s reminiscent of classic films such as Creature From The Black Lagoon and Jaws .” With company like that, this is one to watch.

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