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Horror Power Ranking – November 24, 2008

For those of you who thought Twilight would come and go after one week… Well, you may be right, but this isn’t the week. From dominating at the box office, to the upcoming sequels (yes, you read that right), the emo-vamp movie is taking over Young Hollywood, and our Horror Power Ranking. Plus, we’ve got a whole “Host” of new-comers. Yes, that was a terrible pun right there. Deal with it:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie
1 1 twilight2-75x75.jpg Twilight
You know all those questions about whether Twilight could reach a mainstream audience beyond its fan base? Does “biggest non-summer opening day since Harry Potter” answer that question? Can’t wait for the knock-offs and follow-ups…
2 twilight2-75x75.jpg New Moon
…Which leads to our number two item, the sequel to Twilight. Based on the first weekend numbers, Summit is already prepping New Moon. And I know how much you guys liked having Twilight on here, so get ready for more!
3 3 repo-the-genetic-opera-75x75.jpg Repo! The Genetic Opera
It’s nice when a movie we champion starts actually doing well, and the sole example of that is Repo! Get ready for a second road tour of the show, as the first one totally sold out. Go, little horror musical, go!
4 2 lettherightonein-75x75.jpg Let the Right One in
Though LtROi has fallen two spots this week, it’s still very dear in our hearts, just not as buzzy as Twilight(s), or Repo! Discover this nasty little vampire movie while it’s still in theaters, and before the upcoming remake.
5 6 leprechaun-75x75.jpg Leprechaun
Oh, Leprechaun. Posting about you last week actually made my heart yearn for the little gold protecting killer, and wondered where he might turn up next. He’s been in space, and in da hood… Might I suggest: Mr. Leprechaun Goes to Washington?
6 5 friday13th-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
Only slightly less beloved than the short guy with the gold, is the giant guy with the hockey mask. With reboots all the rage, will Friday the 13th be more Star Trek, or Star Wars: Episode I? And does it matter, as long as Jason goes all slashy?
7 thecrazies-75x75.jpg The Crazies
I’m not sure if I’m 100 percent on board with a remake of George Romero’s classic… Except the lead is being played by Timothy Olyphant, who has never done anything bad, ever. So this is a bit of a toss-up.
8 7 bookofblood-75x75.jpg Clive Barker’s Book of Blood
Is there a place in modern horror for Clive Barker’s body-mod induced terror? With all the emo-vamps, and unstoppable killing machines, Barker’s slow, psychological/casual grossness seems like it’s from a bygone era.
9 houseofnight-75x75.jpg House of Night
Remember earlier when we mentioned Twilight knock-offs? Well, winner of this week’s most transparent grab for cash is House of Night, a recently optioned series of young adult novels about a Harry Potter-esque school for vampires. Barf.
10 thehost-75x75.jpg The Host: American Style
First-time feature director Fredrik Bond is helming the American remake of The Host. For anyone who has seen the spectacular original, you know why the word “American” should go nowhere near this movie. This is bad news.

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