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Horror Power Ranking – November 17, 2008

Vampires have take over the Horror Power Ranking! From Twilight, which finally hits number one, to Let the Right One in, to the just announced Suck, those lovable coffin-sleepers are the thing at the movies. But will zombies take things back with the new World War Z movie? Or are we going back to torture porn with Repo!, Saw, and Clive Barker’s Book of Blood? Who says the pre-holiday season is slow for horror? Not the Horror Power Ranking:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie
1 5 twilight2-75x75.jpg Twilight
Welcome to the week where Twilight took over your life. The movie opens on Friday, the other three books are being fast-tracked, and let’s face it, Twilight is the biggest news in horror right now. And yes: If it has vampires, it’s horror.
2 4 lettherightonein-75x75.jpg Let the Right One in
We let this movie jump up two spots based solely on the news that Matt “Cloverfield” Reeves is remaking it. Considering Cloverfield was one of the scariest movies recently in theaters, we think the remake is in good hands.
3 2 repo-the-genetic-opera-75x75.jpg Repo! The Genetic Opera
Repo! has been sold out for two weekends, but is nowhere near as buzzy as Twilight, or LtROi, so it gets knocked down a slot. But I ask you guys, as the movie has 27% on Rotten Tomatoes: Fun time, or musical disaster?
4 clinteastwood-75x75.jpg Hereafter
Clint Eastwood directing a supernatural thriller? That’s awesome. I’m debuting it at four only because the director has never done genre before, but take a look at his moody, atmospheric work, and I think you’ll agree this could be killer.
5 3 friday13th-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
Here’s my pitch for Friday the 13th: Jason is in high school, falls in love with a girl, and then they’re on the run from the group of slashers who want to kill them. I call it “Twilight the 13th.” Thoughts?
6 leprechaun-75x75.jpg Leprechaun
New to the Ranking, but dear to our hearts, the Leprechaun makes his debut; not in space; not in da hood; but for the first time, in comic books. Honestly, I don’t think we need to “flesh out the mythology,” but I don’t make ’em, I just rank ’em.
7 1 bookofblood-75x75.jpg Clive Barker’s Book of Blood
Seems like a precipitous fall for Book of Blood, but after being encouraged by Candyman and Midnight Meat Train, I remembered that Clive Barker also made Night Breed and Hellraiser, which I do not like. So this could go either way.
8 dave-foley-75x75.jpg Suck
You’re just asking for bad reviews, aren’t you Canadian vampire film starring Dave Foley, Malcolm McDowell, and Alice Cooper? By calling yourself “Suck,” I mean. Also: Vampires are the new zombies, right?
9 worldwarz-75x75.jpg World War Z
…Or maybe zombies are the new zombies. Bond director Marc Foster is taking the helm of Max Brooks novel, which makes us hesitant, as the novel is unfilmable, and the latest Bond was awful. Both statements are true. Deal with it.
10 6 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
Hi, my name is Alex, and I have a confession to make: I think the Saw movies are stupid, meandering trash. Granted, I like some good trash, but with the fifth entry in the series, the films have become just bad trash. Is there any way of saving Saw?

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