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Daily Scan for 11.26.08 – Star Trek Meets Cloverfield, SkyNet Is Human

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• io9 points out the monster in the new Star Trek trailer looks an awful lot like the Cloverfield monster. Considering Abrams does love to tie his projects together, this isn’t altogether insane.

• Some compelling musings on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles predict a human being as the mastermind behind SkyNet.

• SF Signal posts quite the treat: The complete Devil Girl from Mars, the movie that inspired Octavia Butler to write science fiction.

• Ray Bradbury hosted Forest J. Ackerman’s 92nd birthday. Unfortunately, Forry wasn’t able to attend because of his illness, but was well enough to be serenaded over the phone. Get well, Forry. Please.

• A LEGO Dune Sandworm attacks some Minifigs, who are likely supposed to be Fremen but look like Jawas.

• It’s Doctor Who’s 45th birthday, ample opportunity enough to pick 45 favorite moments. Here are mine.

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