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Daily Scan for 11.21.08 – Tim Kring Slams Heroes Again, Robot Chicken Strikes Back

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• If you’re in the U.S., you can watch the full episode of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II online now. Strutting Boba never gets old.

• The BBC has an official site for their apocalyptic Survivor series online. It’s good to see Martha Jones continue to get work: She was a great companion.

• io9 has some beautiful pictures of the texture of Martian geometry.

Heroes creator Tim Kring just comes out and say what killed his show. Biggest lesson: Time travel sucks as a plot crutch.

• Potty humor, anyone? Not Another Planet lists the top five scifi movies with toilet scenes.

• Oooh, this is quite the artifact: The BBC has dusted off the original spec script for the Doctor Who pilot.

• creates quite possibly the weakest list of reasons to update The Day the Earth Stood Still, which includes “It’s in black and white,” and “Doctors smoking.”

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