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Daily Scan for 11.18.08 – A Brief History of the Jetpack, A New History for Captain Kirk

dailyscan_111808.jpg• Alan Moore’s Watchmen is coming to video games next March. Alan Moore will hate it, of course. But I say superhero comics need not be treated with deific reverence.

• The second official Star Trek trailer hits the web. I’m really not crazy about the new “in-your-face” Kirk. Where’s Shatner’s casual, off-the-cuff alpha male dominance?

• Best headline of the day: The NASA Guide to Drinking Your Own Urine.

• Right on. John DeNardo calls out Ridley Scott for declaring scifi dead right before announcing his own Forever War adaptation.

• Kudos to The Guardian for this firecracker gallery: Rocket Men: A Brief History of the Jetpack.

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