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Daily Scan for 11.13.08 – Speculative Fiction Worth Reading Twice, Is Summer Glau the Best Terminator Ever?


• Schlock B-Movie king Brian Yuzna is doing a scifi movie, Halcyon, featuring an alien prison, a blood thirsty monster and space marines.

• Slice of SciFi lists every flavor of Terminator they can think of.

• The organizer of the National Novel Writing Month gives some suggestions for writing a scifi novel in thirty days. Because the world needs another dashed off scifi novel!

• SF Signal has another great Mind Meld: Speculative fiction books worth reading twice.

• Is Summer Glau the best Terminator ever? SciFi Wire sure thinks so. She’s certainly more snugglable than Arnold.

• One thing I will give Zack Snyder’s Watchmen: the promotional materials have been top notch.

• Behold! J.J. Abrams’ Starship Enterprise!

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