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Daily Scan for 11.05.08 – Whedon Decks Firefly‘s Mal, Ender Never Ends

sexonmars.jpg• io9 lists the best ways to steal an election — scifi style, of course.

• Marvel has posted the entirety of the first issue of its Ender’s Game comic adaptation online, and it’s buggerific!

• And speaking of Ender Wiggin, Orson Scott Card has written yet another sequel, this time taking place directly after the original Ender’s Game.

• A wonderful gallery of literal scifi and fantasy novel covers over at Mighty God King. My favorite: Stranger in a Strange Land becomes Let’s Have Sex On Mars.

• Mother Jones has an enormous audio interview with Joss Whedon. Apparently, he’d slug Firefly‘s Malcolm Reynolds in the kisser if he ever met him.

• The BBC conducts an audio-visual tour through the lairs of Bond’s most Science-Fictiony villains.

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