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The Evil in Bump Can’t Be Buried But It Can Be Filmed

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It’s the horror story that keeps on giving. First Mark Kidwell created the comic book Bump. Then he wrote the screenplay. Now he’s turning it into a novel. The gruesome ghost story behind these projects goes like this: Edgar Dill, a psychopathic mama’s boy, goes from carving wood to carving flesh. Sheriff Gil Lundy takes care of the problem only to discover 30 years later that you can’t bury this kind of Evil which is out for revenge.

The film is set to star Tobin Bell (Saw), Sean Patrick Flannery ( Boondock Saints ) and Ashley Laurence ( Hellraiser ). It will be directed by horror FX legend Robert Kurtzman with monster FX by Kurtzman’s Precinct 13 Studio. Plus, a collected trade paperback edition of the original four-issue Bump comic series is in the works and will include additional scenes from the screenplay not published in the original version.

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