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SciFi Power Ranking – October 27, 2008

Memo to William Shatner: There is such a thing as a telephone. It allows you to talk directly to people who are a long way away. Maybe you should use one of those when you’re upset with your friends rather than spouting off on YouTube. Geez, man … for a guy who’s made a career of manipulating the media and your own public image you’ve really bunged this up.

In other news, Daniel Craig has said no to Thor, the Heroes slide is now so bad that it made the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and Neil Gaiman has walked away from David Fincher’s adaptation of Black Hole.  Only one of these got enough people talking to make this week’s Power Ranking — read on to see which.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie, Show or Comic
1 5 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
After a bit of slippage last week, Zack Snyder’s Watchmen easily reclaims the top spot on the strength of a new poster and fresh footage hitting the web. This juggernaut cannot be stopped.
2 1 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
Slides from last week’s high when a barrage of imagery had everybody talking about J.J. Abrams’ reboot, but lingering goodwill and Shatner’s latest rant have kept Trek in the headlines.
3 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Dr Who
Speculation about a replacement for the most iconic time traveler on the globe began last week and hit a fevered pitch when Paterson Joseph confirmed he’s on a list of possible candidates. Joseph would be the first black Doctor if he wins the part.
4 terminator.robot.jpg Terminator: Salvation
Words to warm a Terminator fan’s heart: “We’re trying to achieve something that’s never been done before.”  Come on McG, impress us… Actually, it’s already pretty impressive that you’ve transformed dread into anticipation.
5 spirit.jpg The Spirit
The middle of the pack will probably be the best showing that Frank Miller’s The Spirit will ever muster, but it’s not for a lack of trying. New clips, new interviews, irritating new widgets… The Spirit is becoming unavoidable.
6 conan75.jpg Conan
They say all press is good press, but there are a whole lot people very unhappy that it’s Brett Ratner taking the reins of the new Conan picture.
7 blackhole75.jpg Black Hole
David Fincher and Neil Gaiman can’t play nice, apparently. Making headlines via subtraction is never the best way to get there, but a whole lot of Charles Burns fans are now buzzing over what this means for Black Hole.
8 Alice75.jpg Alice In Wonderland
What the –?!  How have Crispin Glover and Tim Burton never worked with each other before now?! A major flaw in the space-time continuum has just been corrected with news that Glover has joined the stellar cast of Burton’s Alice.
9 fringe.jpg Fringe
Yes, J.J., we love you and Fringe is just getting stronger as it goes.
10 9 repo75.jpg Repo: The Genetic Opera
Lionsgate may have abandoned it, but director Darren Bousman hasn’t and Repo has become a major hit on the festival circuit. New clips, big buzz and savvy marketing … Bousman’s handling of this is textbook DIY.
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