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SciFi Power Ranking – October 6, 2008

This edition of the SciFi Power Ranking comes to you directly from the coast of Spain where your faithful writer is currently serving as a juror at the largest genre film festival in the world. Yes, I could be sunbathing on the beach and drinking mojitos but instead I’m sitting in a semi-darkened hotel room typing this Power Ranking. That’s how much I love you. And judging from all the activity out there, the SciFi world loves you, too. Onwards to the rankings!

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie, Show or Comic
1 2 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
Have I mentioned recently how much I hate that all the critics in LA get to see all the cool stuff before I do?  Because I do.  Case in point: 30 freshly screened minutes from Zack Snyder’s eternally talked about Watchmen that have everybody in a tizzy.
2 3 fringe.jpg Fringe
Well, Dr Bishop, how does it feel to be so loved by so many after being locked in the nuthouse for so long?  It’s official, Fringe is the first new hit on network TV this season. No doubt, we’ll be seeing lots more of the good doctor since a full season has been ordered.
3 thor75.jpg Thor
In my opinion Thor has always been the least likely superhero to make the leap to the big screen and now the unlikely movie has an unlikely director to match.  Kenneth Branagh?!  Really?!  If the goal was to astonish us then Marvel has succeeded admirably.
4 blindness75.jpg Blindness
The last big budget scifi flick of the season is here and let’s just say that some people dislike it less than others. True the pedigree makes it hard to ignore.  Check out the opening. See if you can drum up more enthusiasm. No. 4 slot was the most we could give it.
5 iron_man_75.jpg Iron Man 2
Apparently nobody’s ever told Iron Man director Jon Favreau that you’re not supposed to spill secrets about the sequel.  It’s only a matter of time before the studio suits move in to shut him up. Until then, he’s spilling all sorts of stuff about Iron Man 2.
6 spider-man75.jpg Spider-Man 4 & 5
Oh, Kirsten, you’re such a tease.  In one sentence you say you’re coming back for the Spidey-sequels; in the next, you refuse to comment.  I take all of this as a “yes” even if I have to wait until 2011.
7 repo75.jpg Repo! The Genetic Opera
Lionsgate may be turning its corporate back on the movie because of internal politics but director Darren Bousman refuses to let his scifi-horror-musical die.  He’s out there banging the drum and while the studio may ignore him, the fans definitely are not.
8 avatar75.jpg Avatar
How much does Fox like James Cameron?  Enough that they’re already talking franchise for Avatar. That’s how much. Is it a sign that Cameron has another hit on his hands or a red flag that a struggling studio is desperate to please an A-list director?  Discuss.
9 cityofember75.jpg City of Ember
Give FoxWalden this much: They know how to work the PR machine. The movie’s just okay but this upcoming kid’s fantasy is bloody well everywhere in the leadup to next week’s release.
10 life-on-mars.jpg Life on Mars
The US remake of the British series had a universally panned pilot but with new cast members Gretchen Mol and Harvey Keitel, the revamped show (airing next week) has those in the know optimistic. We’ll temper that optimism and keep Life on Mars in the ten slot.
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