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Meet the Reader – Court


Name: Courtney Brown
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Age: 27
Profession: Librarian

No, the black cat isn’t Court — it’s her pet, Ellie, and one who answers to “Spawn of Satan.” She’s a fitting illustration for a person who was so frightened of horror movies as a child, the genre morphed into a lifelong obsession. “I think there is some part of all horror fans that likes to be scared,” Courtney explains. “I remember sitting in the dark theater watching The Descent, clutching my best friend in fear, moaning ‘Why did we do this to ourselves?’ When that first cave creature came on screen and the whole audience shrieked then laughed out loud, I thought, ‘That’s why.'”

It’s also why Courtney was one of the first frequenters on the Monsterfest blog and Talk forum, and she continues to one of the most regular on the newly renamed site. “I read just about all the posts on Horror Hacker,” she says, “Particularly the Power Rankings, the posts by Scott Sigler and Stacie Ponder and the movie reviews.”

No fan of the “over-the-top blood and gore” prevalent in horror films today, her preference is for classic horror. “My favorite horror is probably The Curse of Frankenstein — I tend to favor the monster-type films,” Courtney says. This year’s AMC Fearfest lineup offers plenty she’s anticipating as well, from Return to House on Haunted Hill, which she’ll be watching for the first time, to the ever-popular Christine. Despite the season, she says, she’ll probably be skipping the Halloween series — but she says she’ll be watching Pumpkinhead online.

Courtney will be the first to admit she’s not a typical girl. “I don’t really like love stories or romantic comedies,” she says. “Unless of course they’re within a horror or scifi type film.” Typical? No. But for this time of year, she fits right in.

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