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Horror Power Ranking – October 13, 2008

With three weeks left until the spookiest day of the year, horror is heating up at the cineplex. But more importantly, the best scare tactics are online at AMC Fearfest ’08. If you haven’t checked out the Your Greatest Fear Contest (and the first user-submitted videos), you’re missing out…on a chance to win $4000. In other Ranking news, Quarantine jumps a ton by (shocker!) being a good movie, and Twilight breathes what might be its last gasp:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie
1 2 fearfest08-75x75.jpg AMC Fearfest ’08
I don’t want to sound like a company flack, but I will: Fearfest is awesome and easily takes the No. 1 slot, based on these short films alone. Hey, Fearfest is only as great as you guys make it; and so far, that’s pretty great.
2 7 quarantine-75x75.jpg Quarantine
Not only is Quarantine getting good reviews, but it also hit far higher at the box office than anyone predicted. While I might not be willing to cede the top spot to a remake, I think the movie has earned a five-slot jump.
3 3 fearsofthedark-75x75.jpg Fear(s) of the Dark
I’m holding this steady at number three this week, only because Fearfest is bringing the awesome, and Quarantine is bringing the heat. When this opens up, though, you better believe I’m going to be first in line.
4 lettherightonein-75x75.jpg Let the Right One In
By all accounts, this movie is a masterpiece of the genre; but so far, it’s only been seen at festivals. That’s all about to change over the next three months, as it tours around as part of the Six Shooter Film Series. Check it out.
5 5 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
Last night, a friend asked me how they were going to wrap up the Saw series as if this were the last one. It’s not! But that’s what the marketing demons want you to think. Still not sold on the general idea, but this movie is going to rake in piles of cash.
6 6 friday13th-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
I’m keeping Friday the 13th even stevens for now. Travis Van Winkle has us pretty excited to see the trailer come Saw V. But given that we still haven’t really seen anything from the movie, that could be good… Or very, very bad.
7 theunborn-75x75.jpg The Unborn
Yes, it looks like a mish-mash of a million other horror movies, from The Exorcist, to every J-Horror flick on record. But it’s by David Goyer, who just got off co-writing The Dark Knight, so we’re giving him a pass. Also, it looks frakkin’ scary.
8 theuninivited-75x75.jpg The Uninvited
The second part of the “The Un-” trilogy (not true) looks not quite as scary as its title-mate. Plus, the J-Horror remake already has fans up in arms about major changes to the plot. See above (Quarantine), for the right way to do it, okay?
9 4 repothegeneticopera-75x75.jpg Repo! The Genetic Opera
Why the precipitious drop for Repo!, from four to nine? It’s not that our enthusiasm for the rock musical has waned; it’s that other, newer, shinier toys are far more interesting. Hey, we’ve still got a full month to get psyched.
10 twilight2-75x75.jpg Twilight
After a brief, one week reprieve from the Horror Power Ranking, Twilight is back with its final trailer, and I think I finally get it now: The movie isn’t horror, it’s comedy. How else to explain how silly it looks?
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