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Horror Power Ranking – October 6, 2008

After weeks of spooky movie drought, we’ve now got a flood of terror hitting the marketplace, as we inch ever closer to Halloween. Speaking of which, guess which movie celebrates its 30th anniversary this month? Nope, not Dr. Giggles, but you’re close. As if that weren’t enough, there’s AMC Fearfest ’08, a new and improved version of AMC’s annual Monsterfest. Enough of this intro, let’s get to the Power Ranking:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie
1 halloween-75x75.jpg Halloween
This October is the 30th anniversary of one of the best movies ever made. How could it not top the ranking? Devil’s Due is releasing a new comic based on the original so there’s no better time to revisit John Carpenter’s classic in some form or other.
2 fearfest08-75x75.jpg AMC Fearfest ’08
Coming in a close second is  AMC Fearfest, an annual celebration of horror with movies online and on air, plus an opportunity to get your own short film on AMC…if Rob Zombie like’s it, that is.
3 1 fearsofthedark-75x75.jpg Fear(s) of the Dark
Though I’m a bit giddier about Halloween (the holiday and the movie) and AMC Fearfest, I’m also pretty psyched about this unique-looking movie. Given what’s hitting the theaters this month, this is actually shaping up to be one of the best Octobers ever.
4 repothegeneticopera-75x75.jpg Repo! The Genetic Opera
If this one came out sooner (instead of close to Thanksgiving), it would rank higher. Keeping it high on the charts though is the fact that it did gets its soundtrack released, which jumped to number 14 instantly on Amazon.
5 6 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
As usual, the torture-porn fave has amped up its marketing just before its release. Let’s hope the franchise rights itself, after increasingly confused installements.
6 friday13th-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
Well, so far, Friday the 13th seems to be doing everything by the book, including Jason’s horribly mangled face. I’m still a little unsure about the remake, but there’s a chance in hell (where else?) this might actually be, dare I say it, better than the original.
7 9 quarantine-75x75.jpg Quarantine
Sorry, Quarantine. You’re getting some good early reviews, but you’re still less anticipated  than the big guys, You’re also still a movie that isn’t coming out until next year.
8 angelheart-75x75.jpg Angel Heart
They’re making a remake, so let’s play fantasy casting! I’m going to say Rihanna as Epiphany Proudfoot, Paul Giamatti as Louis Cypher, and Mickey Rourke reprising his role as Harry Angel, because hey, what else is he doing?
9 GeorgeRomero-oil-75x75.jpg [TBA] of the Dead
There was a time when a new George Romero zombie movie was a time for celebration… And though it’s still pretty cool that the master is making the dead walk one more time, does anyone else wish he would try something else for a change?
10 4 trickrtreat-75x75.jpg Trick ‘r Treat
Hey, I got nothing against Trick ‘r Treat to bounce it into the ten-spot. It just seems mildly like a lost cause to get the movie national distribution. At best, it’ll get a DVD release. Prove me wrong, Trick ‘r Treat. Prove me wrong…
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