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Feast II Is Pure Straight-to-DVDeliciousness

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I’ll admit it: It’s a rare day when I get fired up for a straight-to-DVD release. We’re talking mint-Honus Wagner-card rare or Gutenberg Bible rare. That kind of rare.

But here it is: I’m fired up for the October 7 release of Feast II: Sloppy Seconds. Judging by the title alone, this gunslinger of a flick clearly isn’t wallowing in self-importance.

The first Feast installment — released in 2006 — was rife with horror-movie clichés; it parodied monster flicks the same way the original Scream sent up slasher movies. Feast embraced the contrivances we have all come to expect from the likes of Tremors, Aliens , and Pumpkinhead . Isolation? Check. An unknown monster? Check. A band of two-dimensional (but oh-so-loveable) characters who are doomed to be eaten alive one at a time? You bet. It’s all served up with an Evil Dead II sense of humor.

Feast was an outgrowth of the reality show Project Greenlight and was scripted by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton (the writers for Saw IV, Saw V, and the upcoming Hellraiser remake), with direction from John Gulager. Shot for $3.2 million,
the movie opened in only a handful of theaters and grossed an anemic
$350,000 worldwide. But it has thus far raked in an impressive $3.6
million in DVD sales.

“It seems to have found its own audience,”
Gulager told me. “I’ve heard that people are having beer parties and
projecting it (the film, not the beer) against a wall.” That’s apt, as
the movie itself is set in a secluded dive bar (with the bartender
played by John’s dad, Clu Gulager).

“When Feast came out, it got kind of mixed reviews,” Gulager said. “It was still connected with Project Greenlight. To some people, I was a big dumb ass. To some, I had integrity. Some people wrote it off without even seeing it.”

Sloppy Seconds
sees our protagonists wandering through a town that’s been deserted —
a band of monsters having eaten everything in sight. The budget is
rumored at $2 million, so one might expect a little less by way of
special effects. Still, early reviews of the film suggest there will
ample amounts of political incorrectness, gore, and cliché-busting fun
throughout. Clu returns as the bartender, Diane Goldner is back as the
twin sister of Harley Mom, and Judah Friedlander is playing the beer
guy. Most importantly, Jenny Wade is still Honey Pie.

“At the end of Feast, Honey Pie took off in that beer truck,” Gulager said. “Now we get to find out if she drank it all.”

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