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Daily Scan for 10.14.08 – Klingons Conquer YouTube, Captain America Sleeps Through Hulk

startrek5.jpg• NBC Universal will release the first part of Battlestar Galactica‘s Season 4 on DVD in January, but will delay the other half until later in the year. After all, why release one DVD set when you can release two for twice the price?

Life on Mars is looking less and less like its British counterpart every day.

• CBS has started putting Star Trek episodes on YouTube. It’s about time Star Wars kid had some competition..

Jeremy Mayer‘s fantastic robot humanoids are worth a gander.

• io9 looks at five ways to make Star Trek more like Star Wars. “Put Uhura in a metal bikini?” I prefer the go-go miniskirts, thank you.

• Remember that rumored Incredible Hulk scene with a Captain America cameo? It’s included on the DVD.

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